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Beware of Fake Customs Recruitment Notice Circulatimg On Social Media

*NCS says they do not use .net, so it is totally fake.



Nigerian Customs service

The Nigerian Customs Service has warned Nigerians against fake recruitment being circulated on social media.

In a statement by the NCS Public Relations Officer, Chief Superintendent of Customs, Abdullahi Maiwada, said the fake recruitment circulating notice, is the handiwork of unscrupulous elements and an attempt to defraud Nigerians.

This online news medium learnt that Maiwada added that their Website is and not .net, which the fake recruitment uses.

He blamed the “unscrupulous element “for attempting to defraud Nigerians.

The Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) said Nigerians should disregard the recruitment notice circulating online, citing the notice as fake, and that the NCS was not recruiting at the moment.

”The notice is the handiwork of unscrupulous elements and an attempt to defraud Nigerians.
“The recruitment notice with the link is fake and should be disregarded.

“There are lots of indices to show that the notice is not from Customs, particularly the domain.

“Our Website is do not use .net, so it is totally fake.

He urged that Customs is currently not recruiting and if it is doing so, it will be on the official website only, urging those behind the act to desist.

Nairametrics reported recently that the Nigerian Customs Service noted that it does not hold seized car auctions frequently because there are procedures for clearing items for auctioning.

Acting Public Relations Officer of the service, Mr Abdullahi Maiwada revealed that one of the procedures for auctioning seized vehicles is that they have to meet the required window before they are considered for auctioning.

Maiwada noted they adhere to the standard operating procedure for auctioning vehicles and other intercepted items, urging that contrary to allegations in some quarters that seized vehicles were abandoned in different commands across the country, there were procedures for clearing them

“Once the first requirement was met, the list of vehicles would be sent to court for condemnation.

“What happens after the matter was taken to court was not within the control of the service.

“The service had no power to auction any vehicle until the court had given the go-ahead.