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Nigeria 2023: Wobbly State of The Union Why Buhari has to GO…and REST Tinubu’s Fake Bishops



By Chris Paul Otaigbe


The ongoing impeachment threat by opposition Legislators, in the national assembly, is a long over due measure; not NECESSARILY meant to humiliate Mohammadu Buhari out of power; but to save him and his country from himself!

After all, in a moment of deep distress arising from his PERSONAL acceptance of his failure as president, he admitted that being PRESIDENT is TOUGH; and that he can’t wait for his term to be over; so he can go home and rest.
Now that his DESPERATE LUST for power has been satiated, he is LOST in power; and the intellectually-demanding drudgery of governance is a huge DRAIN on his fragile mental capacity.

We thought we had seen it all; until the terrorists attacked the Abuja-Kaduna Train.
Right from the follow up on that attack, where the terrorists confronted the Nigerian government FRONTALLY with a demand that has nothing to do with money; but on an AGREEMENT only Buhari and his inner caucus know about; to the Kuje Prison attack, the attack on the president’s convoy and now, the THREAT to KIDNAP the President and Commander in Chief of the ARMED FORCES of the federal republic of Nigeria… And Buhari is still GOING ABOUT his business of ‘jetting’ out if Nigeria like a mischievous kid playing escapee act on the community he is stealing from…Wow!

On a lighter note though…

Many cynical Nigerians take the threat with a high level of sarcasm.
For them, they can’t WAIT to watch the Movie show happen…

Terrorists kidnap Nigeria’s President in Nigeria! Haaaaaaaaaa… That will be a great movie to watch.

Nigerians would love to have Buhari and the Kaduna State Governor El Rufai go through the harrowing experience victims of their misrule are forced to endure in kidnappers den!

If they kidnap Mr President, I can imagine the RANSOM! One billion dollars! Boom!!

Information Minister, Lai Mohammed and CBN Governor, Godwin Emefiele will convince Nigerians why they may have to forget the BUDGET for 2023, so we can USE the money to PAY terrorists and SAVE our president! Wow!!

Don’t forget; while drawing the difference between IPOB and insurgents, to justify why the former is the worse of the two, the diminutive governor said, while Biafra Agitators are engaged in secession, terrorists are DOING BUSINESS!

If an ordinary Nigerian had made such a limp comparison, responsible and enlightened minds will say such a Nigerian is IMBECILIC!

So, the Senate moving for his impeachment, at this time, should not be seen as a fanciful way of throwing Buhari out of power.

As a matter of fact, after the storm of successful impeachment may have calmed; and in his private moment, Buhari may be grateful it happened.
Tinubu’s Fake Bishops…
First of all, there was no need, for the APC flag bearer, Bola Ahmed Tinubu (BAT), to get the clergy to VALIDATE his choice of a Muslim-Muslim ticket.
It is strictly your prerogative as a political organization to choose those you believe can deliver on your vision and objectives.

Even before the facts came out, in viral videos,I had stated on the platforms I belong that it was nothing but mere optical illusion of displaying the endorsement of Tinubu-Shetima ticket by the Christian high command.

Since the Muslim Muslim tag Team has become an anathema to the REAL Christian community, why not go get people; after all it’s all about COSTUMES and props nah…

So, off they went to the nearest motor park to RECRUIT from the source (according to BAT), men without the mental and educational capacity deserving of such a spiritual persona. They engaged them to play FAKE BISHOPS! Wow!

Since it was all a CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE, it was no surprise that the crookedness and greed of those assigned to RECRUIT FROM THE SOURCE; Touts, thieves and the like, CHEATED the fake bishops of their fee.

This latest episode does great disservice to BAT’s already DAMAGED PEDIGREE.

It has only served to confirm the allegations of the fake and false identity his enemies believe has pervaded his life and career.

They will be saying Tinubu is not done with having fake certificates; now, he is romancing with fake bishops.

Personally, I believe the brains behind such a wonderful idea, to engage touts and potential criminal in order to call the bluffs off big names such as pastor Enoch Adeboye, Bishop David Oyedepo, the Catholic bishops etc; should have done better!

If I were to be in their camp, I would have told them you can get pastors who are hungry for tithe to make their small churches as big as those of the big pastors.

They are all scattered even in that Abuja where the abomination was committed.

All Tinubu needed to do was to dedicate, say N100 million; which he may share at the rate of N5 million each to ten or twenty RELATIVELY known medium scale churches.

With such a windfall, I can tell you for free,Tinubu would have built his personal Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) that would become his spokesperson before God and man.

So much for the jokes…
Tinubu was wrong bringing fake bishops to his unveiling of his running mate. It was not necessary.

Finally, the state of the Nigerian union is WOBBLING, tottering to its final collapse. The script is clearer now!

Unfortunately, what should be the national focus of attention today, is now being used as a DIVERSIONARY tactics by the fifth columnists-assisted terrorists.

While they are PUSHING us to the stress of getting our PVC, they are PERFECTING the plans for their FINAL ONSLAUGHT AGAINST THE NIGERIAN State!

Only an UNTHINKING mind would dismiss the unfolding scenario as a mere threat.

Since I personally have zero tolerance for cynics and needless doubters, permit me to go directly to the possible solution I see…

1. ASUU Strike
Personally, I believe ASUU strike, at this time is a waste of Nigerians’ time and energy. Who are they protesting to really; a non existent government; which at best, is a bunch of dysfunctional minds in power on the platform of the State!

Is it Buhari who has IGNORED you all these seven years of his administration that will have time for you, at this point of his preparation to leave power at the end of his two terms?

Buhari is leaving in less than a year from now. How do you expect a non cohesive government to suddenly develop the capacity to understand let alone APPRECIATE the importance and gravity of not granting your requests for the improvement of Education in the country.

I believe ASUU, NLC among others should focus their energy on ENSURING the electoral process is right and NOT TAMPERED with.
You don’t need a soothsayer to tell you that it is practically IMPOSSIBLE for a government that has not been RESPONSIVE to your demands these past years, to become RESPONSIBLE, overnight, less than 300 days to the end of its tenure.
Rather than doing the usual routine of embarking on nationwide protest rallies, ASUU, NLC and the rest can create an INTERVENTIONIST platform that will work to:
Make Nigerians get their PVCs without stress;
Ensure Nigerians defend themselves against terrorists and bandits
Keep the Buhari government focused on putting all resources to make the 2023 elections truly PEACEFUL, FREE and FAIR!
Concerning the impeachment plot, I believe it should be taken seriously.
As things stand in Nigeria today, I will state it here again that this is no longer the time to stay in the comfort of your church and mosque shouting your voice hoarse that Buharis government is the worst on earth.
We know that; and he knows it too!
What is demanded of the clergy today is an INTERFAITH platform of top Clerics of the two dominant religions to come together and take a flight to Abuja and DEMAND to meet the legislators.
As many State governors as possible should be present at that meeting too.
Such a forum, though UNPRECEDENTED, is the ONLY fix that can stop this unprecedented slide of Nigeria into a conflagrating anarchy!
After that closed door meeting, together with or without the Legislators, the Forum will move to Aso Rock; not as a protest rally; but the coming together of concerned and scared Nigerians; out to ask their President why he has perfected the act of SERIAL SILENCE in the face of the silent genocide going on in the country under his watch… Chickena!

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