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Why Cross-Dresser James Brown’s Father Is Irresponsible -Baba De Baba



I visited comedian Big Mickey with my 7yr old son “Daniel”. Daniel saw video game and said he wanted to play soccer.. Daniel be*t computer 4-0.

I was surprised because he doesn’t own a video game. so how did he manage to be this good?

I asked him “Oga where did u learn how to play video game?” And he replied “I just tried my luck o. I have never played video game before”. I told him to kneel down and close his eyes until he was ready to say the truth.

He confessed that his grandfather usually takes him to game centres and that’s why he likes visiting him because I don’t allow him play. I called his grandfather and he confirmed it.

I wanted to beat him for winning computer 4-0 because I was worried about where and how he learnt it.

As old as I am, I can’t post “chilling in club” because if my papa see am, I don’t enter problem.

I can’t use earrings or do tattoo because my father will disown me.

Unfortunately parents of these days don’t care, not because they are busy but they are irresponsible.

I was at boutique last week and the lady was forcing me to buy a lady’s watch for 15k and I told her I wasn’t in a relationship and I no even get 15k. I was still there when one small girl was passing by and she called her and showed her the same watch for 30k.. this small girl called someone on phone and the person paid for the watch.

When she left, I asked the lady if she was from a rich home because the girl was using iphone 11. the lady said “no o, she stays in that face me I face u with her parents, she’s still in secondary school sef but she’s dating many yahoo boys”

I wonder how parents allow kids use things they didn’t buy for them.

Dowen College: I saw alot of comments from people blaming the school for allowing kids come to school with harmful substances and I just wondered how the kids left home with them instead.

Youths are into all sorts of crime in the name of Yahoo and their parents are not asking questions instead they joined them in ending SARS.

Kids are openly becoming homosexuals and their parents don’t don’t want to flog out the demons in them.


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