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*Buhari must be careful not to sign any controversial Bill into Law



The leader and founder of the INRI evangelical spiritual church, Primate Elijah Ayodele, has warned that Nigeria will face serious security challenges in year 2022 as such the country must be prayerful to survive.

Lovetvnews Nigeria reports that primate Ayodele stated this during a world media conference held in his church premises, at Oke-Afa, Lagos state.


He said “I foresee that some states in Nigeria will face daunting security challenges even as there will be unnecessary troubles. The spirit of God says Buhari must be careful not to sign
any controversial Bill into Law. I foresee black spots and alarming security alerts in
some parts of Lagos, Niger, Imo, Anambra, Sokoto, Kano, Ondo, Taraba, Oyo, Kaduna,
Borno, Bauchi, Rivers state and parts of Abuja-FCT”


“The spirit of God says in the year 2022, Nigeria needs to be prayerful to survive as lots
of things will come up. The country will witness a lot of tensed moments. I foresee
killings, rituals, kidnappings, assassination of celebrities and rowdiness generally.
Let us pray against fire outbreaks in any of the teaching hospitals in Nigeria.”


“Specifically, let us rebuke shootings and kidnappings within the premises of hospitals.
A lot will happen in the year 2023 and of course, there will be war in some countries
that is agitation for independence in some parts of the world. Let us pray against boat
capsizing. Let us pray so that fish farmers will not die.”


“Nigeria Air Force (NAF) jet will miss target by bombing the wrong people.
Nigeria Government will come out with a new COVID 19 law because the fourth wave
of COVID 19 will cause problems in Africa.”


“There will be confusion constitutionally, politically, economically that will come up in
Nigeria. The government will be confronted with political, economic and religious
crises. Criminal elements will also trouble the government Also, tobacco and cigarettes
will be imported into the country.”


“The government will kick against the use of tricycles, motorcycles. Some states will
have new transportation systems. Unexpected things will happen in Nigeria. Let us pray
against building collapsing and breaching of protocols.”


“In Aso rock, there will be a lot of issues. Documents that will cause chaos and that will
expose government activities will be leaked in 2022 at the Villa.
Let us be careful so that presidential email, internet services will not be hacked by
criminals and fraudsters.”


Primate Ayodele also said serious prayers must be intensify against cyber problems, gas leakage and of course pray against the death of a one-time Attorney General of the Federation.


This online news medium reports that the servant of God revealed further that the spirit of God says only prayers will help Nigeria. This government will not be able to do much as expected. They will only make efforts. The efforts will not be recognized. There is going to be a lot of political strategies in different ways but they will not achieve much. Nigeria will produce a nuclear weapon in the nearest future.

“I foresee that the Office of the Attorney General of the Federation will face some
international challenges.”


On churches, Primate Ayodele said religious places of worship will be attacked in the northern parts of Nigeria. These includes; ECWA, Winners Churches and Catholic churches.


“There will be water shortages and higher levels of hunger in Nigeria by 2030 thus, we
need fervent prayers. Some herdsmen will lose their cattle. Herdsmen will cause
problems. Mosques and churches will be attacked. There will be peace after the election
and Nigerians will be clamoring for constitutional review and amendments. Nigeria will
be asking the new government to create employment and eradicate poverty. The new
government is going to do a lot in other to bring Nigeria to limelight.”


“Nigeria will not attain its political best if we sacrifice competence on the Altar of
rotational arrangements. Rotational system depicts the glorification of mediocrity.
Rotational system will not work even for the ruling party. People will get angry because
of rotational barriers. Looking at this, if care is not taken, the Northerners will begin to
struggle and come back as a president again.”


“There will be crises between the Fulanis and the Kanuris. Let us pray against attacks on
any Commissioner of Police as some will be removed back to police headquarters.
There will be deployment and shake ups in the police force.
Government will work on ritualists and fraudulent people. There will be ghost workers
in Federal Civil Service.”


2023 Election, the man of God said he foresees that the Igbo will protest and do all they can by struggling for the presidency.

“They will take series of steps for them to pick the number one seat but it will not work.
There will be so much confusion on who takes what in 2023.
There will be so much pressure on all political gladiators in the country. A lot is going
to happen.”