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Late Sylvester Oromoni’s birthday celebration is uncalled for-Hon. Amb Buzopat Osigwe



Lovetvnews Nigeria reports that the birthday celebration of Late Sylvester the Dowen boy that was brutally murdered has angered Hon. Amb Buzopat Osigwe as the voice of change.

She still does not understand how this family was able to invite people to celebrate this boy’s birthday.

“They even used makeup, wore wigs, and were even laughing and cutting cake for who? And me I have been messed up since the news of the boy’s torture and death broke out. I was a guest speaker at an event and I changed the topic to speak my truth and pain about this injustice, Everyone with conscience both home and abroad are crying, demanding justice, calling out anyone especially the government to see that this wasn’t swept under the carpet and the parents whose son is in the morgue are cutting cake and smiling to the camera. This one off me according to Jane”.

Lovetvnews Nigeria reports that the mother shared a video where she was asking us to protest her son’s death, next day they were celebrating?

Amb Buzopat Osigwe noted that no matter how many buckets of tears were shed behind, this singular action was so uncalled for.

“Dowen College charges N1m per term so we heard but don’t have CCTV cameras in the school premises
It’s time parents wake up to their responsibilities. Parenting is not easy but bad parenting has become rampant and scary. There is a lot of difference between nature and nurture, we have to put up our best and realize that society begins from our home. When parents fail in their homes, automatically society will decay and fail.”

“Parents be careful what you do, As you maltreat your domestic staff in your house, your children are watching and learning from you. You are their prime example, their choice to be a bully begins at home. Be the exact person which you want your children to be.

There is so much going on here that I am yet to understand. It was alleged that there was No formal complaints about this to the police. Why will the school authorities lie that he fell while playing ball, with the level of injuries and chemical reaction on his mouth,, I don’t know what the world is turning into but the level of wickedness is alarming.”

She pointed out that parents all over the world have a lot to learn from what happened, I am not here to repeat the stories flying up and down about the parents being informed about the boy and them taking days before sending someone to Dowen college.

“I know that we are all hustlers and no one knows how choked another person’s life is but when things like this happen you will understand the power and implications of negligence and not paying attention to details which played out in this case.”

“For the information about sending any of the culprits outside the country, if it’s true, the parents should be arrested and detained until the boy is returned and even the parents will be charged alongside their son as Co murderers. It is unbelievable and sad”.

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