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Muslim Cleric Converts To Christianity After Reading In Surah That Jesus Christ Is Coming Again



Lovetvnews Nigeria reports that a Muslim cleric changed over from Islam to Christianity.

He said he converted because of the way Islam gives no attestation of salvation.

Since Islam sees that Jesus is ‘the assertion of God’ so God “the Messiah in like manner the legend ( Surah 3 v 45).

Since Allah finds in the Qur’an that thoe who follow Jesus Christ (Christians)will be over the individuals who don’t follow Jesus Christ ( Muslims and others) until rebuilding ( surah 3 v 55).

Since Qur’an itself sees that Jesus Christ is without terrible conduct (unadulterated) (surah 19 v 19), while the Qur’an approaches Mohammed to demand of God for the vindication of his offenses ( surah 40 v 55).

As opposed to Mohammed, Jesus lived over 33 years.

I changed over considering the way that Mohammed prescribes the executing of foes ( surah 9 v 5) Jesus Christ embraced, esteeming them (Matthew 5 v 44).

Mohammed just affirmed, but Jesus Christ admitted his words with a wide extent of marvels and reconstructing of the passing.

I changed over considering the way that paying little heed to Jesus Christ being joined by two or three ladies, he didn’t endeavor to have s*x with them not at all like Mohammed who even busy with sexual relations with Zaynab, the existence accomplice of his child Zaid, surah (33 v 37).

So my kingsfolk my sister,only Jesus Christ spares. He is the way,truth and life. Right when I was a Muslim,I believed in all that we were told about the Christians and the Bible and today that I changed into a Christian and read the Bible,I understand that what we were told is totally misinformatoion.

Jesus was never a Muslim, he is the friend, Give your heart to him.

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