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Read About Obi Cubana’s Family & Why His Mother Deserves A Befitting Burial



Obi Cubana’s lavished and the out of this world burial for his late mother has been the talk of town, as most Nigerians have kept wondering why would such monies be spent on burying the dead.

Lovetvnews Nigeria reports that Nigerians have also been lost in thoughts and disturbed about the source of his wealth, pondering why an aged woman’s burial would gulp millions of Naira.

But while we are waiting for the secret to be unearthed, lets take little peep into Akaeze family Which may perhaps throw more light into everything.

Obi Cubana and Family


Obinna Iyiegbu popularly known as Obi cubanna is not the first son of the late Matriarch but the 3rd and last son of his parents. He has 2 older brothers who we visibly see around him most at times.

The reasons all the attentions and limelight focus on Obi cubana alone is because he is the arrowhead to cubana’s empires. He is a law graduate and started his first business after graduation in a rented hall in Abuja, Ibiza Night Club was his first venture until he expanded to what we know today as Cubana.

The matriarch is a mother who treated her children and others equally, that’s why his brothers are also billionaires and are members of popular club called De pinnacle International social club.
Before you become a member, you must show proof of at least 1 billion naira bank statements, proof of source of income and their constitution states as a member you must attend a member ceremony, be it marriage, party or burial with 500,000, failure attracts fine of 1million naira.

Obi Cubana and Brothers


Let’s just cut the story short, Obi cubana never forgot his humble beginning and he knows very well the only time you can call yourself super rich or a successful man is when all your siblings are also made and comfortable like you. That’s why he extended his gestures to his siblings and they are all beneficiaries of his wealth.

Some mothers only recognise their children who seem brighter than others, doing well and giving them whatever they wishes as a mother, but not Odoziaku Akaeze, she loved her children equally and also taught her illustrious son how to help not only his siblings but others around him which Cubana Chief Priest is a protege of Obinna Iyiegbu AKA Obi Yankee.
So don’t blame the celebrity bar man for gifting his boss nearly all the cows In Eastern Region (Never forget the hand that once fed you) he deserves every bit of it.

Obi Cubana and Brothers


Don’t consider yourself rich until others related to you become rich as well, my people use to say ‘uto nwanne bu mgbe umu nnegi nile bi Ofuma’ (when all your siblings are doing well).

Rip Odoziaku Akaeze, you left a legacy behind.

I present to you Iyiegbu billionaire brothers.


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