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Prepare for your bullets, if I die, I will die with you all



Prepare for your bullets, if I die, I will die with you all….

These were the words of former Presidential hopeful Jaffer Isaak Sora has threatened judges, police, several journalists who he accused of frustrating and forcing him to be a fugitive to watch their backs.

On Tuesday 18, June 2019, the politician was purportedly arrested with 445 kilograms of bhang that was worth Ksh. 13 million.

Police officers explained that Sora has been on the run after securing his freedom on a Ksh. 3 million bond which forced the police to launch a manhunt for him after a judge issued an arrest warrant in January 2020 accusing him of failing to appear in court.

In a video and several posts on his social media page, Isaak made it clear that he was ready to be a criminal and he would do anything to get his revenge on the police, judges, and media claiming that they two his life and family away from him.

He noted that he is a soldier and soldiers never give up promising to take them down one by one as everyone will catch their bullet further adding that even if it means he will die in the process, he will die with them.

“I am a soldier and a soldier never gives up. I will take you down one by one. Even if I die, I will die with all of you. Those detectives that arrested and tortured me, the judges who frustrated me, and those who wrote about me, prepare for your bullets,” read one of his posts in part.

He also addressed his wife telling her that he was sorry as she had sacrificed her life and sold her property to support him during his campaigns.

The politicians noted that it was now over and God would take care of her and their children as his life was taken away from him.

In the video, he claimed that he ran away to the United Kingdom revealing that in the past two years he had thought of committing suicide.

He explained that the last two years have been a struggle for him and his family but he is recovering well and very soon he will be able to go back to the struggle

He added that the Kenyan government has tried everything to silence him but he will never give up.

He also thanked the UK for helping him with his recovery from depression disclosing that the physical, emotional, and mental issues that were inflicted on him by police torture in Kenya.

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