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“R Kelly: An Icon, From Being A Grammy Winner To A Prisoner

“R Kelly: An Icon, From Being A Grammy Winner To A Prisoner



Lovetvnews Nigeria reports that there are people who make it to the peak of their career but unfortunately have to spend parts of their lives behind bars because of one allegation or the other, this is the case of R. Kelly.

Their are many top celebrities especially those in the music industry who belong to this category and some of them found themselves behind bars because of crimes linked to them.

World known successful R& B and hip hop star, R. Kelly is one of those international musicians who has been incarcerated and currently behind bars because of crimes linked to him.

This online news platform learnt that Robert Sylvester Kelly was born on January 8, 1967 in Chicago, he grew up to become a singer, songwriter and record producer.

R. Kelly started his music career in 1990 when he released his first song titled ‘ Why You Wanna Play Me’ . Since then, R. Kelly has released several albums including his hit songs such as, ” I Believe I Can Fly” and several others.

The talented American singer has earned nicknames such as King of Pop- Soul” , and the ” Pied Piper of R& B” because of his efforts to redefine R& B and hip hop music. He is also considered the most successful R& B artist in history.

Since R. Kelly started his career in 1990, he has won a total of 110 awards from 274 different nominations including three Grammy Awards. This is captured on his profile on Wikipedia.

Unfortunately, R. Kelly ran into problem when he was accused of s*xual abuse and misconduct with under age girls, a case which started in 2002. He was indicted on 14 counts charges bordering on child pornography and was then acquitted of all his charges in 2008 and freed.


However, in February 22, 2019, R. Kelly was again indicted and was then arrested on July 2019 on federal charges.

R. Kelly currently faces 22 federal counts and held behind bars at Metropolitan Correctional Centre in Chicago, United States.

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