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AfricaFora presents…Africa Economic & Cultural Week Nzuko* 2021

AfricaFora presents…Africa Economic& Cultural WeekNzuko* 2021



AfricaFora proudly presents the first edition of Africa Economic & Cultural Week – Nzuko 2021, celebrating Africa Day, and bringing Africa and her diaspora together.


Lovetvnews Nigeria reports that the event Initially billed to be held in Paris, will now hold virtually (online) from May 24-26, 2021 in strict adherence to coronavirus pandemic protocols.


According to a press release made available to Lovetvnews Nigeria, this edition’s speakers are drawn from a wide range of professionals such as Ambassadors, CEOs, and other top level executives in Good Governance & Policy, Healthcare, Politics, Economy, Energy, Oil & Gas, Law, Security and Information Technology.


The conference aims to gather leading lights of the continent and its diaspora, as well as friends of Africa, in several brainstorming sessions, with the ultimate goal of:
• Formulating propositions, solutions and best practices, both successfully implemented and new, to initiate and/or consolidate innovative projects to trigger the desired changes.
• Building or consolidating cultural or economic projects, including the facilitation of financing, bilateral relationships and supply chain.


This online News platform reports that AfricaFora – Proudly Black and African, is an enterprise whose aims and objectives are the promotion and diffusion worldwide, of Black and African culture and products.
“ We tell the Black and African narratives and take pride in placing Africans at the centre of the long overdue conversation around controlling Black and African narratives, in an effort to partake actively in the rebuilding of the relationship (personal and professional) between Africa and the world in general, and France and its Black and African citizens in particular”.


Winifred Gaillard – Winifred Gaillard is the Founder of AfricaFora, which specializes in the promotion and diffusion worldwide, of diverse Black and African culture and products.